Mark Tomlinson is a podcasting and radio enthusiast, musician and audio engineer with experience supporting several popular podcasts including PerfBytes, CauseAScene, STPRadio and others. Aside from his way-too-long career in high-tech, he helps to manage all of the online and audio technology that helps make Elkins Air Radio possible. In his copious amounts of free time he likes to compose original music playing guitar and bass, construct wood canvas stretchers for Martha's paintings and generally absorb all the creative goodness in our generous local community.
Owen Lee is a professional chef, entrepreneur and musician. A native of Philadelphia he has owned and operated several food businesses, including the former restaurant Park Plates here in Elkins Park. He has worked as a traveling chef for Neil Diamond, The Rolling Stones and Olympic athletes. He was the host and producer of “One For The Road” a 6 part television series exploring Mexican culture through food and music. Owen has taught cooking classes through Temple University’s continuing education program and worked worked as a food stylist and a menu consultant. In his free time he writes songs plays drums various bands in the Philadelphia music scene.

Martha Carey is an artist, an education researcher, and the co-host of the funny, feminist A Dick Slipped In podcast. In her free time she enjoys listening to the music Mark creates, painting and drawing creations in her studio and just being glad that so many artists live in Elkins Park.